Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012

Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 offers you everything you need to burn movies, music and data - fast and effectively. The software with the intuitive user interface focuses on the core competencies of burning software and offers you compact functions to tackle all tasks relating to your burning projects - easily create data discs, burn backups, rip music, create audio CDs or burn already existing film files on Blu-ray Disc and lots more.
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Get rid of the install MyAshampoo toolbar, web search default search and home page during the installation wizard. These can easily be mistakenly installed if the user allows express installation.

Why would i want my home page to go to Ashampoo?
Whiterabbit-uk, 26.09.2012, 09:14
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Simplify the registration process. As it's a giveaway, just have a global reg code so that we don't have to create an account with Ashampoo to get the registration code.

Whiterabbit-uk, 26.09.2012, 09:25
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77 votes Vote

See no future versions with toolbars, etc. as part of the install. It's just one more step to uncheck and annoys your customer base.

Fingerlakes Dave, 26.09.2012, 08:22
63 votes Vote

Separate the 'Create desktop and quick launch icon' so that the user has the option of selecting either or; not just both.

Whiterabbit-uk, 26.09.2012, 09:18
35 votes Vote

What's the difference between Ashampoo's Premium Burning Studio v11 and Ashampoo's Burning studio 2012. Can't find any comparisons on Ashampoos site.

Whiterabbit-uk, 26.09.2012, 10:13
33 votes Vote

Reduce the price by at least half. There are freeware burning software that you can get that does everything this program does.

Whiterabbit-uk, 26.09.2012, 09:15
24 votes Vote

I have purchased version 11 in an offer when it was released. Ashampoo puts a lot of stuff in their software but in my opinion there are 2 VERY important options missing - subtitles handling and the possibility to create menus for anything that you

Mario, 26.09.2012, 12:46
5 votes Vote

Keep the program small sized, because one often needs to use it to burn content to free up space without losing content on a computer with zero hard-disk-space!

Ingvar, 26.09.2012, 15:52
4 votes Vote

have ability to create vcd/svcd

dq, 26.09.2012, 15:04
1 vote Vote

simplify! Unlock the burn from/to selection so it doesn't force us to choose a project type n then confine us to your limited idea of how to do a project- see details

I have several Dvds in folders that he menus are corrupted somehow n I would to be able to re-burn them to a new folder n hopefully correct the problem- but of course I can only acquire the source from a Dvd for that type of project. Other Dvd...
Adam Murphy, 27.09.2012, 08:12
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Your website says never lose another serial number but as soon as I registered this version my code for Burning Studio 2010 Advanced disapeared from the online list in my account.

Adam Murphy, 27.09.2012, 08:20